2020 A.D.

Title: 2020 A.D.
Material: Unglazed Ceramic

With the installation 2020 A.D. artist Boris van Hoof tries to capture his emotions of the covid-19 pandemic in an image. The visitor is invited to carefully manoeuvre along the ceramic vases balancing on a narrow foot. The pitcher symbolizes the fragile balance in which global society now finds itself. The physical distance from each other is fixed at 1.5 meters, personal and economic well-being are in fragile balance.

The pitchers refer to archaeological finds from lost civilizations. They are moulded, a reference to our times and the dream of infinite productivity and growth. A stamp in the jar, “31-12-2019,” is the date when the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission first reported cases of pneumonia of unknown cause. The cause was later identified as the Covid-19 virus in January 2020.

Photo’s: Boris van Hoof
The work is exhibit at:

Cacao Fabriek.                 

Het Nieuwe Instituut.     

Sunday Morning EKWC.